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The Adventure Begins

So it begins…

My adventure to better Self-Discipline.

Today I will set some objectives and goals for this “adventure” as well as define what “success” looks like to me. Without a clear vision of “success” I’ll never really know if I’ve achieved it.

I begin this journey one small step at a time, and add steps as I go.  There’s no use trying to take several steps at once, or setting unrealistic goals.  (There’s nothing more un-motivating than getting behind on your goals and feeling like you’re too far behind to catch up!)  So one small (but still challenging) step at a time.  

The key is to build on little, daily, victories.  

I also plan to pull together some of the resources I’ve collected (and used), so that I can share them with you. I believe they will help you to identify and master your “one thing”

Below is a series of ways you can look for your “one thing”… 

(Reminder:  for me I started this exercise with the goal of fixing my disorganization and distraction. As I searched for what lies beneath these “symptoms” I discovered the “one thing” that would change everything is mastering self-discipline.) 



A passionate believer in the power of “jump starts”, Marianne helps clients obliterate self-doubts, blast through limiting beliefs, and gain clarity to discover their passion and drive.

What “one thing”, if you improved it, would dramatically change your life – and bring you closer to your vision?


Make a list of the things
that hold you back

Take today to look at what’s holding you back.

Dive deep into the “reason” why things aren’t working for you.  

Are you afraid to “get out there” and build your business, or apply for the job, or take that course you want? Is this because of what others said to you about your skillset? Or is it something you’ve believed about yourself that you need to change? Or are you projecting in to the future reactions and events that you are “assuming” would happen?  If so, it’s possible your one thing is to build your self-confidence.

Are you procrastinating? Distracted?  Why? What causes this in you.  It could be that you don’t feel enough pull to do what you need to do in order to accomplish your tasks.  If so, you may need to build your motivation.  Perhaps it’s that you are spinning your wheels and need self-discipline to keep you on track and focused. 

Do you make too many excuses? Do you need to take control of your life? This could be many things, including self-confidence/self-worth. It could be old conditioning and “people pleasing”. It can be fear of trying and failing (or succeeding).  Keep diving! 

Are you feeling like you have no time to spare?  Do you need better time management and organizational skills? What’s beneath that? Again, keep diving! 

The deeper you dive in finding that “core” trait the more impact changing it will have in every area of your life! 

Reminder:  Don’t make this into hard work!  Don’t beat yourself up! Don’t judge!  Just observe, listen to your deepest thoughts, and evaluate! When you find your “one thing” celebrate. Don’t argue why it’s hard to change it, just celebrate you’ve found it. 

We’ll tackle the challenge together!


Take today and find you’re one thing, and then come back and let’s work together to change our lives!

Join in the Start The New Year Right Group  It's a closed group, meaning only our members can see or read our posts - and nothing can be share outside the group. So join in and get advice, suggestions, feedback and most importantly support! 

It's never to early - or too late - to join! 

I look forward to getting to know you!

I truly love sharing what I learn with you. Watching someone have an "a-ha" moment is one of the best things in life for me.

 Because I am  a consummate "student" - when I find something new and interesting, I really dig deep.    I study hard and then I use what I've learned to help others.  (Yeah, I have gathered together quite a toolbox!)

I truly do believe in the power of "Jump Starts" and the ability everyone has to "get un-stuck." If I can do it, anyone can!

You can connect with me by email at startnewyearright (at) and visit my personal website is:


I believe that every human is unique and valuable,

even if they aren't able to recognize it themselves.


I believe each and every one has the power to create a great life

once they recognize -and accept- their value.

Even as a child I've been able to help people change the way they see themselves - helping them move from a "victim" to an "owner" mindset. I help them to gain self-confidence and recognize their strengths. I've discovered that it's only when you do that, can you "get un-stuck" and "Jump Start" your life.

What drives me is helping others to succeed, to be a support system while they are taking steps toward their dream, and to watch them celebrate their victories.


The Biggest Lesson I've learned is the power of your mind.  It truly does create and destroy.

It was quite a shock when I realized the power that my mindset played in every part of my life - good and bad.  Discovery wasn't enough though, it still took me decades to harness this power, learn to control it, and develop a system to help others master this in a fraction of the time it took me.

Taking responsibility - even for how others treated me - was one of the hardest adjustments I had to make. To move from Victim to Owner mindset was not only difficult, it was, at times, scary.

It is a move that I am thrilled to have taken. It changed my life and it can change yours.

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