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Would you like to join me…on an adventure?

(It’s Free!)

I’m not promising all laughter and fun.

In fact some of it may be down right challenging – at least for me!

But when we’re done…

You and I will be primed and ready to make next year our best year ever!


We’ll focus on “one thing”

They say how you do “one thing” is how you do “everything”. So let’s find that “one thing” and do it right!

One thing that, if you improved it, would change EVERYTHING!

That “one thing” can be different for everyone.

For example, my “one thing” is Self-Discipline!

You see, I’ve always prided myself in being “flexible”. (I wore my “I won’t be boxed in” badge loud and proud!) I resisted routines. I ran from “fixed schedules”. I let “life” distract me!

How’s that worked for me?  I hate to admit it, but it hasn’t.  Sometimes things just didn’t get done. I spent time searching for misplaced items. I distracted easily. It even affected how I handled money! Sure I’ve had a lot of success, but I could have had more!

So how did this lead me to decide Self-Discipline is my “one thing”?

Well, I know that I need to create habits and rituals that support me. I need them in my business, in my diet and exercise, my relationships, my home life, and even in my self-care! (Doesn’t making self-care a habit sound wonderful???)

Several habits, all in different areas… can’t be “one thing”.

Then I thought: Good habits and rituals create a great structure for your life. Structure I have on a ‘hit and miss’ basis. Yet structure didn’t feel quite like the “one thing” either.

I even took a class that cost a few thousand dollars that was all about “structure”, and I learned a lot, but never could implement it!

What held me back? How could I spend thousands of dollars only to “fail” at creating the structured life that class taught?

I knew I had to dive a little deeper to get to my “one thing”.

So I asked myself  “what “one thing” that, if I were to master it, would allow me to more easily create structure, rituals and habits in my life?”  and I got my answer:

Habits, rituals and structure all, at their core, require self-discipline. Self-discipline is my “one thing”. 


How our adventure works:


You can watch, comment or fully participate in this “One Thing Adventure”!

You can hang back and “watch” or “read” about my journey with “my one thing”, right here in this blog. I’ll let you peek in and see my successes, my challenges, and, (gulp), my failures in real time!  Yes, there will be failures. After all if you aren’t failing you aren’t reaching far enough. You may get inspired, or even have a few good laughs (at my expense.) Perhaps you’ll even find it moves you to take some actions of your own.

You can jump in and support and encourage – and perhaps even share your “one thing” – by commenting on the posts.

If you’re committed to making your own changes, join in the facebook group where we’ll get into some deeper discussions, ask questions, and celebrate our successes! I have created a safe, closed, environment for you there.


Just because it’s “one thing” doesn’t mean it’s easy!


It’s going to take a considerable mind shift – and dedicated action – for me to live it. Even more for me to master it. “Being flexible” is pretty ingrained.

I imagine you’re “one thing” will be just as challenging. You can use support and encouragement, and how better to do that than to let you watch as someone else (me) experiences very similar things.

That’s why I decided to share my experiences with you.

So here I am, ready to take on this great adventure in public. Not knowing who you are, or what you’ll think of me and my foibles. I’m hoping that you’ll look kindly on my efforts, and that you’ll find inspiration to change your life in the process.

Maybe you’ll even join in on the adventure!

What’s your “one thing”?

“I’d love to hear what
your “one thing” is…”
  • It could be self-confidence –   That “I’m not good enough” dragon is hard to slay.
  • It could be motivation – you know what you want, you just can’t take action
  • It could be clarity – you aren’t sure what you want, much less how to get it.

You get the idea.  The key is to find something foundational. The “one thing” that, if you changed it, it would make changing everything else so much easier.

It usually stares us in the face, while  we pretend we don’t see it.

Are you in?


Would you like to join in the “one thing” adventure?

Just leave a comment below to let me know you are in.

Then join the closed facebook group here: Start the New Year Right Group

There we’ll be able to connect, share and support each other in a “closed” group where only other members can see what we write, and nothing can be “shared” outside the group!

Let’s make the coming year our very best ever!

I look forward to meeting you there!



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