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Don’t Wait. 


Do you use the “New Year” as an excuse to stay stuck????


Most of us do!

We’ll say “Ahhh, I’ll do that as a New Year’s Resolution” thinking if we wait until January first we’ll have some magical motivation to help us. 

Then our inner voice starts in with it’s excuses: “I tried last year and it didn’t work” or: “I never keep my resolutions”

And… without realizing it – You’re peparing for failure!

It’s not that you don’t want to change, you don’t think you can. And you’re not sure you know how!

You feel defeated. Hopeless. You’re Stuck.

Stop holding yourself  back!

Start looking for answers.  Grab on to  quick tips, or take a deep dive in to change.

A single sentence can sometimes spark a huge fire that gets you motivated and moving. Something just clicks – and puts that fire in your belly. 

Don’t wait, start taking action today.  Read a few articles, grab some worksheets, or enroll in some courses. 

Don’t hesitate. Don’t think the “New Year” will motivate you. There’s a 95% chance it won’t!

Tips, Tools, and other Resources are added daily.


My Body Language Is Different

I just had to let you know- I was leaning against the doorjamb looking at the sunset and I realized my body language is different. 

I don’t feel like a kid trying to live in a big body. I feel grown, here, really here. And I don’t feel old, just grown. Funny to feel both older and younger at the same time. lol

I can’t thank you enough – your assistance was invaluable. And I’m looking forward to more. :).

And I just noticed my body is buzzing with energy, like a tingling internal massage – even my fingers and toes! Gosh I feel good – airy and good. 

Most Fondest Regards,

– Shalla Hammond,  TX

Master Key To Success

Baby Stepping

Have you ever noticed…

…It’s so easy to get distracted – when you want to make a change.

You question your choice… develop “excuse-itis” and stop you before you even...

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About Marianne

Marianne is a passionate believer in the power of “jump starts”, Marianne helps clients obliterate self-doubts, blast through limiting beliefs, gain clarity, and create a life filled with passion and success.

Laser-Focused Mastery Tools

Mastery Tools to help you target specific areas of your life. (ie: goal setting, time mgmt, career, money, clarity, life balance and more) Link takes you to my main site.

WOW – what a wonderful experience!

I used to feel very insignificant and unworthy and self-conscious but this time – nothing like that! How freeing is that!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

In love and light, – Jan Matthews

Compassionate & Highly Focused

Marianne is compassionate and highly focused. I feel comfortable doing extremely deep work with her knowing that I am in highly competent hands in the process.

Marianne exudes these qualities and is organized and focused to boot. I highly recommend Marianne.

– Laura Morrissette, MA, USA

Countdown to 2020 (Eastern US)








Master Key To Success

You need badass goals* for a badass life.
Learn how to:

 Create Laser-Focused Goals (Resolutions*)
Make Them Bullet-Proof!

You’re Motivated. You’re Focused.

Change Your Life!

*Resolutions are just goals with another name.

Don't Wait! Start Today

What’s holding YOU back?

What ONE THING, that, if you could change it, would change your life
– for the better? 

Alex found his ONE thing, and it changed his life!

I’d like to congratulate Alex on his strong desire and willingness to dive deep into his mindset, and change his life!

Alex is an amazing young entrepreneur with laser focus. I have no doubt that he will be a huge success in all he endeavors.

Thank you Alex, for this testimonial.

“The whole point to New Years is not just to have a new year.
But that we should be new, better and different people.

That is why we exercise to RE-NEW our bodies. That is why
we write GOALS to get a Renewed sense of our potential.

That is why we make RE-SOLUTIONS because we resolve that
there are solutions inside of us that we have not tapped into.

So don’t waste each New Years season.

Maximize it!
Start fresh using a new perspective for it will enable you to
tap into a new season with greater capacity.”           

                                                                                        -Stella Payton

Free – 5 Critical Steps to Start the New Year Right

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