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Baby Steps!!!!!

Have you ever noticed…


…It’s so easy to get distracted – when you want to make a change.

You question your choice… develop “excuse-itis” and stop you before you even start.

I know, I’m living it right now…

As I start my “one thing” shift, I’ve got a heady mix of excitement, anticipation, joy, fear, with a healthy dose of doubt and insecurity tossed in!

But I’m not giving in!!!! (and neither should you!)

I’m tackling this the smart way this time! (I’ll show you how!)

I refuse to make the same mistakes again!


A passionate believer in the power of “jump starts”, Marianne helps clients obliterate self-doubts, blast through limiting beliefs, and gain clarity to discover their passion and drive.

Stop wearing the wrong shoes!

You’ve made a decision. You know what you want. 

Everything inside screams: “I want it … and I want it now!” 

The problem is, like that baby wearing shoes that are way too big, if you reach too far, too fast, you’ll fall with the very first step! 

Think of it this way, if you set a goal to run a marathon you wouldn’t go from couch surfer to running 26.2 miles in a week! But that’s what we tend to do with our other goals. Instead of starting small and increasing  you set these HUGE goals, and get discouraged. 

You’re wearing the wrong shoes!

The key to success – change your mindset. 

Make it OK to take small steps. 

Break your goal into smaller goals

Create small goals that are challenging.

Break these goals into small steps.

Celebrate each step you take. 

Don’t beat yourself up if you miss a step.  

Keep creating and acting on new steps

You’ll reach your goal!

“You cannot change

your destination


but you can change

your direction


– Jim Rohn

One step at a time! 

I took a very expensive program that taught you how to create massive results in less time. 

It started with exercises on goal setting and creating action plans. That was fun and easy for me…

Then you had to map out your day… moment by moment. You scheduled EVERYTHING! 

If you remember, I’m proud of being “flexible”, and here I was, having to change everything, change it dramatically, and all at once!  

All of a sudden it didn’t matter how desperately as I wanted the results the course promised – I just couldn’t make it work.  (That’s where a I would really have benefited from a 1-1 coach. But that’s another story)   

So I tried, and failed, and tried, and failed, over and over and over again. 

I can’t tell you how many nights I spent, proud of my “independence” and angry at myself for it. Even those days where I did some, or a lot of the work I’d planned out, I was upset because I fell short.

Nothing in my life changed. Especially me. 


Because I was wearing the wrong size shoes! 

I was someone who didn’t schedule a moment of her day (except appointments!) and I was trying to map out my whole day… it was too much, too soon, for me.   

I learned a valuable (and very expensive) lesson from that… I needed to change my approach.  I needed shoes that were just a tiny bit bigger than the ones I was wearing.  Instead of trying to map out my whole day (I tried to stay with the group), I should have mapped out one thing to do… then a few days later when I’d been successful, add another, and another… until I had a routine established.

If I had done that I may have behind the rest of the group, but I would have finished much farther along than I did!

I shouldn’t have tried to push an entire cart filled with these blocks of change…  I’ve learned to add one block at a time. Over time I’d reach the same end.   The best part is, unlike what happened, I’d reach it!!!!

One brick at a time! 
One step at a time!
Don’t try to do it all at once!


“impossible” goals 
can be met simply
by breaking them
bite size chunks,
writing them down,
believing them,
and then going
full speed ahead
as if
they were routine.”
   – Don Lancaster

How to find the right shoe:


Ask yourself: “What single step can I take to move me closer to my goal?”

Ignore the second, third and fourth steps… focus on step one.  Don’t listen to your ego when it screams in your ears “it’s not enough”…  or “it’s too slow”… Take step one and if you want, add in  step 2, 3 or more.  Just don’t make 2, 3 etc a goal…    

In other words, set the goal low enough, yet challenging enough, that you take action!  Take the step, and if you feel compelled another step… 

Tomorrow you get to do this all over again.

Before you know it you’re far down the path and much closer to your final goal. 



My Right Shoe/First Step:


Goal:  Establish a morning routine

First Step:  Read 2 pages of an inspirational book every morning.

Yes, you read that right… my first challenge is 2 pages!   It’s not the number of pages that matters, it’s the fact that I’m setting aside time each morning for something specific.   

The change I am making isn’t the reading, it’s the morning ritual.  I’m just using the reading as a vehicle to get it started.

Eventually I’ll add in things like 

  • longer reading
  • exercise
  • meditation/journaling

For now though, the most I can realistically ask of myself is 2 pages per day.  I may read 3, or 20 or even 60… but my goal is one.  Small enough to not discourage me if I miss one day, but challenging enough because I’m asking something totally new of myself every single morning. 


How do you find your first step? 

 “It is not enough to take steps
which may someday
lead to a goal;
each step must be
itself a goal
and a step likewise.”
– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Make it small… make it doable… make it “ok” if you miss a day.  

Celebrate your steps as you would your baby’s first step! Once you’ve taken it, you can soon go anywhere!

Don’t wait till you’ve finished the book, celebrate that you’ve read the two pages…  remember you won’t always have a goal of only two pages.   if your goal is four and you read two, celebrate that you read the two! (vs reading none)

That’s how you’ll go from baby steps, to walking, to running! 

That’s how you’ll develop your keystone habit… the habit that will make every other change easier. 

You’ve got this – and so do I!


Join in the Start The New Year Right Group  It's a closed group, meaning only our members can see or read our posts - and nothing can be share outside the group. So join in and get advice, suggestions, feedback and most importantly support! 

It's never to early - or too late - to join! 

I look forward to getting to know you!

I truly love sharing what I learn with you. Watching someone have an "a-ha" moment is one of the best things in life for me.

 Because I am  a consummate "student" - when I find something new and interesting, I really dig deep.    I study hard and then I use what I've learned to help others.  (Yeah, I have gathered together quite a toolbox!)

I truly do believe in the power of "Jump Starts" and the ability everyone has to "get un-stuck." If I can do it, anyone can!

You can connect with me by email at startnewyearright (at) and visit my personal website is:


I believe that every human is unique and valuable,

even if they aren't able to recognize it themselves.


I believe each and every one has the power to create a great life

once they recognize -and accept- their value.

Even as a child I've been able to help people change the way they see themselves - helping them move from a "victim" to an "owner" mindset. I help them to gain self-confidence and recognize their strengths. I've discovered that it's only when you do that, can you "get un-stuck" and "Jump Start" your life.

What drives me is helping others to succeed, to be a support system while they are taking steps toward their dream, and to watch them celebrate their victories.


The Biggest Lesson I've learned is the power of your mind.  It truly does create and destroy.

It was quite a shock when I realized the power that my mindset played in every part of my life - good and bad.  Discovery wasn't enough though, it still took me decades to harness this power, learn to control it, and develop a system to help others master this in a fraction of the time it took me.

Taking responsibility - even for how others treated me - was one of the hardest adjustments I had to make. To move from Victim to Owner mindset was not only difficult, it was, at times, scary.

It is a move that I am thrilled to have taken. It changed my life and it can change yours.

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