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End This Year Strong!

It’s not over!!!!!!!  There’s time!!!!  You can still make definite progress on the goals that you’ve “missed” reaching this year


In addition to getting “somewhere” (instead of feeling like you failed)  on the goals, you will begin to trust that you can set – and reach – goals in the coming year.

Here is a quick and easy exercise to help get you started…

Take a goal and ask yourself:  “What has to happen between now and December 31,  for me to achieve this goal (or make measurable progress on my way to achieving it)” and then write down the ‘measurable results’ (see S.M.A.R.T Goals exercise)

Then ask yourself “What is the next step I can take toward this goal” and then the next, and the next.  In other words lay out a path in clear, easy to manage steps to get you to your goal.

Goal Exercise:

Set a New Goal: Say your goal was to lose 25lbs this year, but it’s now November, and you haven’t lost any weight.  What would be a “healthy” and “doable” goal  to reach for in the coming weeks. (As much as you’d like it to be – losing 15 lbs in a month is not healthy or doable)

Perhaps you decide to lose 4lbs by 12/31.



I know, it’s not the 25lbs you really wanted to lose this year

– and I ask you to put that disappointment aside.



Focus on the new goal.

When you set a goal to lose 4lbs by the end of the year and succeed – how much more energy and enthusiasm would you feel about setting a higher goal for next year?

Would you feel more capable of achieving your goals if you had some success in the final weeks of this year?

Here are the next steps:

Write your goal in a single and clear statement:  I weigh X (current weight – 4lbs) on 12/31.

Then, every  morning and evening read your goal to yourself.

Do some visualization work – see yourself at that new weight. Live as if you are there already.

Add emotion to it – Feel how happy you are that you have successfully lost 4 lbs. Imagine your clothes a bit looser (Or new clothes!)

Hear a friend or coworker congratulate you on your goal. In your imagination hear them say something like: “You look like you lost weight, that’s so great”

Then, from this place of excitement ask yourself “What can I do, today, to help me reach this goal?”

You can even create a mini statement to say during the day.  This helps you see pushing away that desert or choosing a lower calorie meal as a choice, not a punishment.

For example at lunch time you can tell yourself:  “I choose to (action you chose – i.e.: have a nice salad for lunch, and love how it helps you to reach your goal of X lbs by the end of the year)

Congratulate yourself throughout the day for any successes you have! Even if it’s very small.

At the end of the day, as you lay in bed ready to fall asleep, repeat the goal to yourself and feel as though it’s already yours.

Choose 2-3 goals to do this with, and let me know what happens!

Remember, don’t overreach.

The key is to build up a success habit.

With a few small successes at the end of the year, you a faith and belief in yourself that you may not have felt in years (or decades!)

You will find it easier to believe that you actually can make next year better!

That Mindset Shift will ROCK YOUR WORLD!


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