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Divi Theme Examples

Imagine there are two workers starting a new project.

One  has a rugged aluminum ladder that he carefully places in a spot that has firm, solid, ground.

The other has an old wooden ladder that, without really paying attention to where, he just tosses against the wall.

You watch as they climb.


The one with the rugged ladder (on solid ground) ascends quickly and confidently.

His eyes are on his goal and he’s sure he’ll get there. He’s taken the time to make sure that he’s put the ladder in the right spot, that it’s secure enough, and will support him as he takes those dangerous steps up.


The other, well, his is a slow and fear filled climb.

It’s obvious that he hasn’t taken the job very seriously. With every step he wonders if it’s safe enough to keep going. His climb is fear filled and not fun. In fact, he may not even make it to the top


Imagine you’re the worker and the “job” is your goal (resolution).


The ground represents your sense of self…is it firm? solid? or weak? shifting? Are you starting from a place of strength? Do you have the internal resources to pull from when the going gets tough?

The ladder represents your belief in yourself. Are you confident and ready to move quickly? or nervous and worried about each step you take? Will you be able to move forward – or will you procrastinate wherever you can.


You can’t simply toss “Resolutions” on to a list and “go at ’em”


That’s how the second worker does it, and you see how that could turn out… lack of groundwork and preparation and careful planning greatly lowers your chance for success.

Before you take the first step – you need to release your feelings of inadequacy, doubt and fear that you’re “not good enough”. You need to let go of “not deserving” it, or not being “smart” enough (or any of another “not enough’s” out there)

What impact would releasing (and replacing) these beliefs have on your goals? How would your life change if you spent time strengthening your belief in yourself, and your abilities. If you dropped the (excuse my language) bullshit idea that you aren’t good enough.

THEN you could set some great, challenging, goals (in the right way) and create the action plans to get there.


It may be simple, but it’s not always easy.

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