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“Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success.” ― Pablo Picasso, painter

A passionate believer in the power of “jump starts”, Marianne helps clients obliterate self-doubts, blast through limiting beliefs, and gain clarity to discover their passion and drive.

For me, it’s pie crust.  My grandma made the best pie crust I’ve ever tasted, and over one miraculous vacation with her, she taught me to make them too!  They were absolutlely delicious!  Then my mother made a comment about how hard pie crusts really are to make, and how she could never do it as well as grama.   As ridiculous as that is, it was all I needed to convince myself that it was simply above my skill level and my ability to make great pie crusts just died! I mean, who was I, a teenager who was NO WHERE NEAR the excellent cook mom was, to outshine her in the pie crust arena?

I took the IDEA that pie crust is too hard, and coupled it with the belief that I was no where near the cook my mom was, and tossed in the pie crusts are hard to make to create a new fear – making bad pie crusts.  And there I stayed, for decades! 

It’s these self made roadblocks we create that keep us stuck.

So what if you create a limiting idea – and back it up with some beliefs – and you give up?

Here are a few ways a personal development plan can help you to break free:

Here are a few ways a personal development plan can help you to break free:

Get You Out of Your Comfort Zone – It’s so easy to stay stuck in what’s “comfortable”, afraid to test new waters. For example- if you’ve never gotten up in front of a group and talked to them about what you know, how do you really know you dislike and fear public speaking? A personal development plan can help you take steps to work on your fear, such as by joining a speakers’ group or hiring a coach. (For me, it would be making the decision to allow myself to be better than my mom at something!)

Builds Your Confidence – A good personal development plan will begin small and grow incrementally as  you do.  You’ll collect successes that will energize you to keep going. With eash success your confidence will grow and you’ll be able to let go of some fears. Once you’ve given a few talks at Toastmasters you’ll feel more at ease presenting new ideas at the office.   

Increases Self-Awareness – A good development plan is one that addresses both your strengths and your weaknesses.  You’ll take a good hard look at those things you need to improve and develop a plan to improve them – while using your strengths to help you make the change.  No one is perfect, and just a small change in any area can make a huge difference in your life.  For example if you’re at a networking event and normally stand off by yourself, if you can make the shift to just say “hi” and create a little small talk, you may find everything changes. You may even find that once you’ve said “hi” all you’ll need to do is listen carefully to the other person – you won’t even have to a brilliant response to their comments!

Create a plan

 work your plan

and you’ll find success!

Helps You Develop Plan B – Great plans have “alternative” paths to achievement – AKA Plan B’s. When you know you have another “option” if things don’t work the way you want, it’s easier to give Plan A your best shot.  

Ensures You Confront Your Fears – A well laid out plan will include those fears you need to overcome in order to find success.  The beauty of the plan is that it points these areas out so you can be ready for them when they come. You can easily identify which fears are real, and which are imagined.  A good plan help you realize what type of fear you are facing, and allows you to create steps to combat that fear.

Notes Any Progress You’ve Made – A plan is an ongoing process. A good plan includes bite sized goals that you can celebrate reaching.  Think about it this way, if your goal is to lose 40 pounds, then you won’t feel successful until you’ve lost 40 pounds.  So even if you lose 38, you may not feel “successful”.  A good plan will have you break that 40 pound goal into smaller chunks.  As you reach each smaller goal you’ll feel successful.  This feeling of success will propel you forward, and you’ll feel more confident that you can reach the next goal.  Before long, the 40 pound total seems very “doable” and your motivation grows!

Helps You Redefine “Fearless” – An excellent personal development plan will help you redefine what it means to be fearless. It’s not as cut and dried as you think. I’ve never met anyone, no matter how successful or motivated they were, who said they were “Fearless”. Certainly, to an “outsider” they appeared “Fearless”, but none of them were actually without any fear.  They just addressed their fear, accepted it, and moved forward in spite of – even fueled by – it.

There are many reasons why a personal development plan works! 

Coming soon:  Resources to help you create a personal development plan of your own.


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I truly love sharing what I learn with you. Watching someone have an "a-ha" moment is one of the best things in life for me.

 Because I am  a consummate "student" - when I find something new and interesting, I really dig deep.    I study hard and then I use what I've learned to help others.  (Yeah, I have gathered together quite a toolbox!)

I truly do believe in the power of "Jump Starts" and the ability everyone has to "get un-stuck." If I can do it, anyone can!

You can connect with me by email at startnewyearright (at) and visit my personal website is:


I believe that every human is unique and valuable,

even if they aren't able to recognize it themselves.


I believe each and every one has the power to create a great life

once they recognize -and accept- their value.

Even as a child I've been able to help people change the way they see themselves - helping them move from a "victim" to an "owner" mindset. I help them to gain self-confidence and recognize their strengths. I've discovered that it's only when you do that, can you "get un-stuck" and "Jump Start" your life.

What drives me is helping others to succeed, to be a support system while they are taking steps toward their dream, and to watch them celebrate their victories.


The Biggest Lesson I've learned is the power of your mind.  It truly does create and destroy.

It was quite a shock when I realized the power that my mindset played in every part of my life - good and bad.  Discovery wasn't enough though, it still took me decades to harness this power, learn to control it, and develop a system to help others master this in a fraction of the time it took me.

Taking responsibility - even for how others treated me - was one of the hardest adjustments I had to make. To move from Victim to Owner mindset was not only difficult, it was, at times, scary.

It is a move that I am thrilled to have taken. It changed my life and it can change yours.

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