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An Invitation – One Thing Adventure

Would you like to join me...on an adventure? (It's Free!) I'm not promising all laughter and fun. In fact some of it may be down right challenging - at least for me! But when we're done... You and I will be primed and ready to make next year our best...


Yep... it happened. Didn't take that long either. Something as simple as reading 2 pages in the morning, and I couldn't do it! I was totally...

Baby Stepping

Have you ever noticed…

…It’s so easy to get distracted – when you want to make a change.

You question your choice… develop “excuse-itis” and stop you before you even start.

I know, I’m living it right now…

As I start my “one thing” shift, I’ve got a heady mix of excitement, anticipation, joy, fear, with a healthy dose of doubt and insecurity tossed in!

The Adventure Begins

So it begins…

My adventure to better Self-Discipline.

Today I will set some objectives and goals for this “adventure” as well as define what “success” looks like to me. Without a clear vision of “success” I’ll never really know if I’ve achieved it.

I begin this journey one small step at a time, and add steps as I go. There’s no use trying to take several steps at once, or setting unrealistic goals. (There’s nothing more un-motivating than getting behind on your goals and feeling like you’re too far behind to catch up!)

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