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9 Advantages of a Positive Attitude

A positive attitude is considered by many experts
to be the best predictor of success.

As you look around, it seems natural to have a negative attitude.

The news is filled with scary headlines, and social media wants to focus on “what’s wrong”.

It’s getting harder all the time to be “positive”, but life can become much easier if you do!


Why attitude matters

“Problems don’t fix themselves until you fix your attitude”
― Janna Cachola

Life can be challenging.

Especially when things aren’t going your way.. That’s when your mind creates frightening “what ifs”. You worry. If you aren’t careful, fear consumes you.Then your attitude sours and you get tossed into a downward spiral,


Your Secret Weapon for Success (and failure!)

Have you heard
the expression-
You get what you think about?

Yeah, I get it, it’s a term that’s grossly overused.

Kinda like “You reap what you sow”

Yet it hides a big secret.

“You get what you think about” is both a lesson AND a warning. Think about good things, you get them, think about bad, that’s what you get. It’s all about the thought.

“You reap what you sow”, is typically interpreted to mean that what happens in your world is the byproduct of your actions.

You work hard, you get the promotion, you drink and drive, you get arrested.

But, what if it was deeper than that?


Tricky Words

It’s only words…..
Or is it?

Over the years, both as a coach and a self help junkie, I have learned the tremendous power words have. Subtle, seemingly innocent words can have a profound impact on our self image, self confidence and how we relate to others.


Steps to Change a Habit

Do you have a habit (or 2) that you’d like to change?
Almost every one does.

I’d like to share some insights I learned from “The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg about habits, and changing them. The book has a lot of great information in it, and I highly recommend you read it – if you haven’t.

So just what is a habit?

Don’t just improve your life – CHANGE it!

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