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21 Days to
Start the
New Year Right

Resolutions are goals in disguise!


You can’t get anything without a goal…

A car. A house.

(Even a pair of shoes.)

You need bass-ass resolutions you’ll keep. 

Master this. 

Master this now.

Join the 21 Day Program

The 21 Day Program!

It’s time to break the cycle. Stop making the same resolutions year after year – and never getting them!  (Seriously, who wants to do that again?)

I was sick of it…. I bet you are too!

That’s why I created this affordable 3-week course. I share the critical lessons I’ve learned about goal-setting and goal-getting. It will do more than change your resolutions – it will change your life!

Take a look at all the juicy tidbits that are part of this course….

Week 1: Get Crystal Clear


A common mistake that people make when they sit down to create their New Years Resolutions is to “simply dream” about what they want – and create a “resolution” to get it. They make (I’m going to lose 30 lbs this year) and put it on paper, and announce it as a goal. Setting a goal, and committing to it in writing IS important, but it just scratches the surface of how to actually make it happen!

That’s what sets this program apart.

You’ll go beyond the “lip service” resolutions people make every year, and lay the proper foundation to real, lasting change. As you do so, you’ll identify and remove those things that make “resolutions” fizzle around January 18th. (If not sooner!)

In Week 1 you get Crystal Clear about why your previous resolutions haven’t worked and you’ll discover what pieces of the resolution/goal setting process you’ve missed in the past.  We’ll look at your past efforts, what went wrong, and how to make it right!

Week 1 gives you the clarity you’ve been searching for. You’ll create a great foundation to build the New Year on.

“After a failure a person can either cry and yell about how hard he tried but still lost
or he can find a clue and secretly use it to fetch his success.”
                                             -M. G. Tala


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Week 2: Get Laser-Focused


You’ve gotten clarity and discovered some juicy (and critical) things in Week One.

Now it’s time to set yourself up for a great New Year. This is the week that I share with you the one thing that kept me from realizing my dreams.  The one thing I thought I was doing, but didn’t. The one mistake I see others making.

Think about it, how many times have you set a goal or set your mind on something and all kinds of obstacles popped up -seemingly out of nowhere– to test you.

That’s why, In Week Two, we’ll create Laser-Focused, Bulletproof Goals!  Goals that help you blast through any obstacles, doubts or fears that creep (or flood) in. You’ll learn how to set goals that work with your personality, needs, and way of life. You’ll learn how to identify subtle (and not so subtle) conflicts between your goals and how (and if) you can have both!  (Here’s an easy example… If you want to be a star in the theatre, and want to be at every one of your child’s evening ball games, somethings not going to work!)

You’ll also create the mindset that supports you as you take action toward your goals.

Imagine expecting positive outcomes – instead of “hoping” for them.

“A goal properly set is halfway reached.”

                                         —Zig Ziglar


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Week 3: Get Results!

 In Week One you gained clarity.

In Week Two you set bulletproof goals.


In Week Three you’ll craft an inspiring vision and create the action plans and mindset you need to get there!


A well-crafted vision is not only the spark that ignites action, it’s also the fuel that keeps you motivated. In Week 3 you’ll discover the right way to create that vision. (and no, I don’t mean “create vision boards”.)

Once you’ve got that vision crafted it’s time to create an action plan. You’ll create a plan that aligns with your vision and works with your schedule, your values, and your priorities. (In other words, plan that makes it easy to take action!)

We’ll wrap this week up with identifying and adopting the mindset you need to move confidently toward your dreams.Save










Action without vision is only passing time.
Vision without action is merely daydreaming.
But vision with action can change the world.”

                                              —Nelson Mandela


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Putting It All Together

What will set the coming year apart from all the other years?


You’ve changed. You’ve grown. You’re laser-focused and ready.

You have clarity..

… you have bulletproof goals

…and a strong vision that guides and motivates you.

…you have the mindset you need to (finally) make it all work.

You’ve Become Unstoppable!

Note: This course includes 4 weeks of email access to me. You can ask questions about the course, get some clarity around the exercises, and share your success stories! I personally answer every email, usually same day. (subject to volume!)

It is also available with your choice of 1-1 private coaching sessions. Here we can dive deeper than we can in emails.  (see details below)

I look forward to working with you, whichever package you choose!



“Life takes on meaning when you become motivated, set goals and charge after them in an unstoppable manner.

                                              —Les Brown


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Looking for something “Deeper?”


Are you looking for an in depth program to help you revitalize your life and reach your goals?

If so, check out my Mastery Program. 

The Mastery Program is an intensive 12-week private coaching program that is customized to your needs. Together we’ll help you master goal setting, action planning, action-taking, time management AND master the mindsets you need to succeed.  You’ll also identify the habits you need to create in order to achieve your goals.

If you’re ready to really dive deep – the Mastery Program is what you’re looking for to make this Your Best Year Yet.

(Note: If you bought the Start the New Year Right 21 Day Course and decide you want the Mastery Program – the cost of the 21 Day course will be credited toward the Mastery Program)

*Due to the customized and intensive nature of this program, space is limited, and wait lists may apply.  I suggest you register early.

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Don’t wait! Start today.

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